Stars in Stereo review

\"Stars                   by Kelly Keating Stars in Stereo\’s self-titled debut is sure to have you up on your feet rocking out.  With driving rhythms, dynamically powerful vocals, and meaningful lyrics this album will have you singing along in no time.  The LA-based band has clearly put an immense amount of time and effort into this album and it shows. The high-quality production of the album in itself showcases the songs beautifully.  Every part of the song is balanced and blended so smoothly that it is easy to hear all the parts of the song. Also mixed in is a synthesizer part to most of their songs which adds fullness to the sound that is similar to bands like Icon for Hire. The vocals are clear and understandable making the lyrics shine.  The songs in and of themselves are extremely well written with catchy hooks, tight harmonies, and energetic guitar parts. The lyrics are strong in every song and there is never a spot that doesn\’t make sense or sounded sloppy.  Vocalist Bec Hollcraft’s voice is a perfect fit for the band’s sound and rock music in general.  There is no point in this album in which something sounded thrown together or sloppy with all of the instrumental parts flawlessly executed. Though the songs were extremely well written the album did lack some originality.  Their sound is good but also similar to every other rock band out there.  If they can manage to distinguish themselves a little more they will go far in the industry.  Also the songs did not show case the guitars and other musicians as much as they could have.  While the vocals are unique and beautiful it would add to their sound to showcase the amazingly talented guitarists that are in the band as well.  The album itself starts out strong but loses some of its energy and momentum by the end. The entire album is a fantastic piece of art that Stars in Stereo should be extremely proud of.  The hard work and dedication of this band to bring high quality songs to the rock scene has defiantly paid off. Though there are still spots they have to work on this band is well on its way to success. Stars in Stereo are currently touring with Bullet for my Valentine, Halestorm and Young Guns on the hardDrive Live 5 Tour and are definitely worth going out to see. Rating 7/10