One Less Reason- A Blueprint for Writhing

\"A                   by Philip Coon Jackson, Tennessee rockers One Less Reason are looking to make an impact on the music world. Their most recent release, A Blueprint For Writhing, is sure to help them to achieve notoriety on the rock circuit. Briefly signed with Universal Records in 2003, One Less Reason decided that they didn’t feel comfortable being on a major record label and wanted to create music and achieve success on their own. With a DIY attitude the band has self-released five EPs and their song “Hero Wanted” was featured on a promo spot for the television show CSI:Miami. The band’s latest self-release, A Blueprint For Writhing, is a six track EP. The music is soulful and heartfelt and anyone can relate to the lyrics of each song. We’ve all experienced heartbreak and struggling relationships in our lives and One Less Reason has put that pain or hope into beautiful songs. Rating: 8/10