The Hollows- Neverending Show review

\"Neverending by Reggie Edwards Just picture yourself in a pickup, coasting down the highway surrounded by nothing but Midwestern or southern field and prairies. The windows are down and the music is blaring. This is the feel you get from The Hollows’ latest record, Neverending Show, which is a must-have for any fan of southern rock, bluegrass or country. This album has all of it. Loaded with fiddles, banjo, mandolins and solid guitar, this is a country-fried southern classic you’ve gotta check out. It’s tough reviewing it because there are so many different elements to it, one song will have a bluegrass feel, the next will have a southern rock feel and the next could be a country-fueled ditty- you just don’t know what you’re gonna get next from The Hollows. If you love any form of southern-generated music, Neverending Show is the album for you. Rating: 8.5/10