3: A Fiendish Threat review

  Hank 3 is known for his mix of musical sounds ranging from country to punk, having performed in various metal/rockabilly/punk bands such as Superjoint Ritual with former Pantera vocalist Phil Anselmo, punk/metal band Assjack, and a self-titled rockabilly/punk release Hillbilly Joker. Hank Williams III is back at it again, now just going with the name “3” for the new record, A Fiendish Threat. Hank mixes acoustic guitar, fiddle, and a stand up slap bass, while singing through a voice filter. Normally when you think of punk music you wouldn\’t imagine an acoustic guitar let alone a fiddle, but Hank 3 makes it work with his vocals and it sounds more punk compared to the new pop punk bands of today. \”Can I Rip U\” gets A Fiendish Threat started with a rockabilly sound. The acoustic guitar sets it up for Hank\’s vocals, and the slap bass makes it sound like an acoustic punk song- definitely one that could quite possibly be great for a mosh pit. \”Different from the Rest\” sounds like a mix of The Misfits, with the bass and drum sounds of The Ramones with Hank’s vocals. The rest of A Fiendish Threat continues on with the punk/rockabilly sound that Hank 3 has become known for. It\’s a great companion piece to Hank 3\’s country album Brothers of the 4×4, which he released the same time as A Fiendish Threat.. Rating: 9/10 – Philip Coon