Buckcherry- Confessions review

\"Buckcherry by Reggie Edwards Buckcherry have released their latest studio album titled Confessions, a concept album based on the seven deadly sins. This marks the multi-platinum band’s sixth studio album and one of their best yet. Kicking off with “Gluttony,” Confessions has that signature Buckcherry sound with the smooth rock guitars and frontman Josh Todd’s gritty voice resounding over the speakers. Focusing on the seven deadly sins is perfect for Buckcherry as a lot of their material in the past has centered on drug use and doing whatever they wanna do. Buckcherry have really put together something good here and have done something they haven’t done since Black Butterfly– adding a slight change in musical approach, with more melodic instrumentals. Their take on the seven deadly since is impressive and they do a great job of capturing what each sin is all about. Overall, this is one of the best releases in the band’s catalogue. Rating: 8/10