Fall City Fall- Victus review

\"\" By Philip Coon Calgary-based hardcore band Fall City Fall are set to release their latest full length album, Victus,  on January 22. The interesting thing about Fall City Fall is that they have two vocalists. Most bands that have two singers usually mix growling and melodic vocals, but Fall City Fall does not. But that isn\’t necessarily a bad thing. Victus is a hardcore punk fan’s dream come true with heavy sounding tracks such as “Bitter to End”, “Lovebirds”, “Shallow Believer”, and “Dead Saints”. But the two songs that stand out the most on this album are “Anxiety Attack”, a hard-hitting, head-banging song and “Taken,” a slower tune with chilling lyrics that gave me goose bumps. All-in-all Fall City Fall created a decent album, one in which I think would sound great captured live. Rating: 8/10