Review: Beasto Blanco- We Are

\"\"Often times a third record is what makes a band. The first two are important but the third is where we see how the band has grown and if they have what it takes to make the leap from opener to headline status. 

With Beasto Blanco’s third offering- We Are– they’ve done just that and more and the guitar work is everything here. 

Featuring Alice Cooper bassist Chuck Garric on guitar and sharing vocals with Alice Cooper’s daughter- Calico Cooper- this band has so much to offer it’s ridiculous. 

“The Seeker”is straight groovy and catches you from the start while Garric’s vocals suck you right in and blow you away immediately. This is followed by “Solitary Rave,” where Cooper makes her first appearance of the record and it’s something special. She owns it and commands your attention. 

The bass lines opening the track mixed with Cooper’s vocals are hypnotic and song is almost bluesy to start. Imagine a dark, metalfied Blues Brothers and the riff halfway through the track is pure perfection

“Ready to Go” opens with an industrial metal riff that kicks into Garric and Cooper sharing vocal duties and getting down to business quick. There’s not much of an intro here- it’s a simple song but powerful as hell.

“Down” features a slow, taunting intro and leads into down-tuned guitar riff. Garric takes lead on this one and his vocal harmony is as haunting as the intro while “Perception of Me” is an 80’s metal anthem that would fit in with Ratt, Poison and other heavyweights of the era. It’s powerful theme combined with Cooper’s vocals are destructive and beautiful at the same time

“Let’s Rip” is perfect for being played live. This one is an anthem and hard to forget, and it’s keyboards are a perfect addition. Imagine Wilson Pickett but heavy metal. 

“Half Life” is an electronic, industrial masterpiece while “We Got This” is a fast paced adrenaline rush and “Follow the Bleed” is a power ballad but also not a love song with it’s haunting musical style.

Closing things out, “I See You In It” and “Halcyon” speed things back up- gradually- one at a time to end on a strong note.

In the end, Beasto Blanco have done what they set out to do when things originally kicked off for them- they’ve set the metal world on fire and show that they’re ready to take the headline slot from almost anyone standing in their way. 

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards