Misterwives pack Indy\’s Deluxe

MisterWives are known for putting on an incredibly lively show- they bring out a lot of running around, subtle choreography, and general creative energy. Their sound is indie pop, and it only makes sense that they’ve taken some notes on pumping up a performance after touring with acts such as American Authors and Twenty One Pilots.

Handsome Ghost opened up the show with some chill techno-pop that put the crowd in the mood for a good time, and the largely female audience was happy to give them their attention.

Possibly the most interesting part of the MisterWives’ set was the choreography. Most shows at the Deluxe don’t feature any at all, so it was certainly a change of pace. They opened with “Our Own House,” and kicked off the show with a literal interpretation of, “with our hands over our hearts” (see: photo gallery).

Mandy also introduced “Not Your Way” with a rant about societal expectations, punctuated with a push-up after each word. During a few songs, William and Mandy did some synchronized bicycle-stepping, but whether that was planned or just a cool coincidence, only the two plus God know.

The band commented endlessly on the energy Indy was giving to them, but they were certainly giving it back to them. Mandy and Will both did cartwheels (albeit not very graceful ones) across the stage, and all of the members actually switched instrument multiple times.

Mandy literally ran laps around the stage, but also formed that amazing artist-to-audience relationship by divulging the stories behind some of the songs. MisterWives were able to find the perfect balance of energy and intimacy, and cranked up the intensity of both.

Everyone there left the show a fan if they didn’t come there one (they ended up sold out of almost all their merch within ten minutes of the show ending), and even the male members of the audience did their fair share of fangirling. It was obvious that the band wanted to be there, and they had fun. Their set communicated a sort of genuine happiness that is more than welcome in Indianapolis.

-Kelly Fox

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