Kutless: Glory review

Kutless, one of the most iconic bands in Christian music has seen a bit of a musical evolution of the course of their career. Okay, it’s been a major evolution. Once known as one of the hardest bands of mainstream Christian music, they’re now known as one of the major worship Christian bands- not a bad thing.

Their latest addition to the Kutless catalog and legacy, Glory, is set for a February 11 release and will make both fans of their rock and their worship music happy.

Loaded with anthems and resounding choruses, it won’t be long until church praise bands are using songs from the record in their services, which, with the members of Kutless being the worship leaders in their own church, isn’t unrealistic.

Lyrically, Glory is everything you could want from a contemporary Christian music record and from Kutless. The lyrics will inspire you, the instrumentals and music will move you and empower you and you’ll come away from Glory either having grown in your spiritual walk or having had a stellar listening experience, depending on your beliefs.

Within minutes of the opening track, “Revelation,” you’re captured and hooked until the final minutes of closer “In the City.”

With all of the outstanding music Kutless have released over the years it’s hard to put the tag of “best they’ve ever done” on anything this iconic band releases, but if anything comes close, it’s Glory.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards