Review: Deuce- Invincible

Deuce, the rapper behind the mask, is set to release his sophomore record- Invincible which is all about success, but is it worthy of it’s hype? Depends on the track.

It seems like Deuce can’t decide what genre to be, with a range of background music styles ranging from punk rock to alternative. And his excess of expletives are reminiscent of a drunken stand up poet who can see the crowd losing interest.

With that said, his voice shines through on a few tracks, and hints at potential.

Here I Come: Despite the lyrics calling for praise, this track follows the same old, tired format of most rap songs. It’s getting boring.

Hell’s Gonna Break Loose: Featuring an incredibly distasteful World Trade Center reference, this song sounds like the rantings of a privileged frat boy who got turned down by someone with standards.

Bitch This Is It: Slow music and lyrics as deep as a puddle, I almost fell asleep halfway through this song.

Gone Tomorrow Here Today: This song starts to redeem the album. It has a smooth guitar and somewhat emotional lyrics. It’s almost there.

World On Fire: Here is a gear shift. Starting almost acoustic and moving to a classic rock style, this breach of style is quite well done, however, the rapping feels more like talking.

My Buddy: Deuce demands that we “give me that fame/ give me that money”, but those are earned. Not taken. And “My Buddy” does not deserve any fame. It’s just a lot of screaming with an electric guitar in the background.

Invincible: The title song of the album sounds completely the same throughout the entire track without any rise or fall. It’s quite monotonous.

Bad Attitude: More screaming.

Best Of Me: A small light of redemption shines over this song. The lyrics actually discuss emotion and struggle, while the music balances the song, making it easy to listen to.

Thank You: Despite the creepy music box intro, Deuces vocals really shine on this track proving his talent as an artist.

Catch Me If You Can: An in depth and detailed narrative on Deuce’s sex life that no one wants to hear.

It’s Alright It’s Okay: Along with an animalistic scream that I mistook for the “Stranger Things” Demigorgan at first, the track featured good music but the lyrics essentially consisted of the same four lines of chorus on a loop.

Talking About You: Here is where an actual rap begins to push through, but it’s just more of the same message. “I’m great. I’m the best.” If he can drop the act, Deuce could be a force to be reckoned with. His rapping is smooth and clear.

Pull Me Under: A Guns ‘N Roses style guitar solo kicks this track off. The mood stays strong until the hoarse screaming starts again. For a finale, it holds its own but just doesn’t have the \”wow factor.\”

Overall: Deuce is the embodiment of millennial white male privilege. He demands money, praise, fame and respect just for existing without any of the work to earn it. And this album is just an extension of that.

Rap is such a powerful and emotional genre that people relate to on a deeper level than many other styles.

Much like Deuce\’s solo debut- Nine Lives there are a few catchy spots but it\’s overshadowed on multiple occasions. And while reminiscent of it\’s predecessor, Invincible misses the mark entirely.

Rating: 3/10

-Samantha Morse