Interview: Emily Lazar of September Mourning

We recently were lucky enough to chat with  vocalist and mastermind of  band September Mourning, Emily Lazar. With the release of Volume II, September Mourning is carving out a niche & making a name for themselves. I\’m excited to see where the road takes them.   

Congratulations on Volume II! I know this is been a long time coming for you personally. 

Emily Lazar- It’s took a while to build a product because of all the elements. You have the costumes, the comic books, the storyline, and the players that you want. It really took a long time to come together because it\’s so original and people don\’t realize that this just came out of my head

\"SeptemberSo 2016 is kind of been a hell of a year for you guys volume two came out the new comic Samarian signing. Are you surprised that everything came together in one year? Emily Lazar – Is that you set yourself up for these things and then it just kind of happens. It\’s definitely a long time coming because of the preparation although we\’ve been public with everything this really started a long time ago. I started coming up with the idea in 2009. We really couldn\’t put it altogether with the comics the music etc. until two years ago. So it\’s definitely been a ride. For example, the costume I\’m wearing right now is version number 10 and we\’re working on the next one right now.

On the comic side of things you\’re working with Marc Silvestri who is a huge name in the comic book industry. So is fact that you sent him a pitch on MySpace proof that the American dream is alive and that anything can happen?

Emily Lazar – I\’ve always believed that if you are meant to do something and have a drive and Adrian you just do it to the point that nothing will ever hold you back. That\’s how I\’ve been with this project and I wouldn\’t let anything stop me. I still have a vision of where we need to be and we\’re not there yet so we will not stop until were there.  I really wanted to prove that you could do something in music different and original

How involved is Marc in the day-to-day operations?


Emily Lazar – Marks really been a mentor to me he\’s help me refine storylines characters etc. but as far as the dated day he really isn\’t that involved. He\’s really been great at giving me guidance

How difficult for you personally is it for you to juggle all of these titles whether it is writer, performer and Emily?

Emily Lazar – It\’s really hard! I tend to get pretty stressed out but that\’s all part of the job. I’ve always been an artist. I stepped on stage when was four years old and haven\’t stepped off since. I\’m really lucky to have Rich (Juzwck) in the band because we really were great together and feed off of each other.

 How much of Emily lives in September and vice versa?

Emily Lazar – September is me in so many facets and aspects of my personality. Something as simple as sticking out my tongue on stage, that\’s


me showing through in September. She\’s always a part of me is just the degree that differs. What advice would you give to a band or artist that is just starting out?

Emily Lazar – Just realize that it\’s a lot of work. It takes a lot of work, a lot of luck; it takes a lot of timing. It\’ll take all of your heart all of your soul and your entire bank account.  to do it properly it should not be taken lightly. really just be original and grow that.

Give us the scoop on your celebrity crushes…

Emily Lazar – Ian Somerhalder from Vampire Diaries but he’s married so that’s down the tubes!  My big one because of who he is as a person is Keanu Reeves. I really just want to meet him and kiss his face!